The nation’s favourite summer bedding plants have been named

The nation’s favourite summer bedding plants have been named

The nation’s favourite summer bedding plants have been named following a public vote at RHS Garden Wisley, in Surrey.

The Uk's summer bedding plants

Visitors were asked to vote for their favourites from a selection of 80 bedding plants across the garden during a period of ten weeks last summer. They chose the exotic-looking foliage plant Solenostemon ‘Campfire’ with its brilliant blood orange colouring and season-long performance as the People’s Choice, followed by Petunia ‘Cascadia’s Rim Fantasy’ with beautiful violet flowers outlined with a clear white rim.

In third place was another petunia, ‘Amore Queen of Hearts’, which gets its name from its heart-shaped deep pink petals with a yellow stripe. It is semi-trailing, cascading over the edges of baskets and containers.

“It is exciting that plant breeders are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is available,” said RHS Trials Development Manager Mark Heath.

RHS Garden Wisley

We’re proud of the fantastic range of bedding plants we can offer for filling containers, baskets and borders here at the garden centre in Holt, including all the latest varieties and this season’s new and exciting colour combinations. From early spring favourites like polyanthus primulas, on sale right now, to dazzling summer displays from blowsy begonias to pelargoniums, fuchsias, petunias and solenostemons – you’ll find all your bedding plant needs right here!

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